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Ask Oka about his Ubud to Amed tour. Leave early from Ubud on your day trip to Bali’s dramatic northeast coast and see the mother volcano, Mount Agung, from all sides. After a quick early drive across Gianyar you’ll reach Klungkung Palace, a 17th century historical building complex and capital of the Klungkung Regency.

Then it’s off to Goa Lawah Temple, or in English: The Bat Cave Temple. Unfortunately Batman doesn’t live here but his many flying children do. The cave is deep and dark but you can see and hear the bats from the entrance; just don’t go too far inside.

Next stop, Candi Dasa, the east-coast seaside town known for its laid back beach and fresh water lagoon. This 12th century fishing village was once known as Teluk Kehen or “Bay of Fire”, likely due to the proximity to the holy and volatile Mt. Agung.

An east coast adventure would not be complete without seeing the water palace at Tirta Gangga. For Balinese Hinduism this holy place is directly tied to India: “Tirta Gangga” means “water from the Ganges”. The maze of pools, foundations, gardens, and statues has a special royal history and should not be missed, especially by culture and history enthusiasts.

The last official stop of the tour is Amed; often referred to as a fishing village however this is actually a series of small villages peppered along the semi-arid coast in between many small beaches. This area is famous for diving and snorkeling but even for just getting away from the crowds, Amed is even more quiet and relaxed than regular Bali standards.

On the return trip to Ubud, you’ll take the ocean road southeast from Amed and follow the coastline. If the weather is nice, look over the channel to the east and you might even see the famous Gili Islands off the coast of Lombok.

Ubud to Amed Tour Details

Departure: 9:00am from Ubud
Length: 8 Hours
Price: 700,000 IDR per car
Includes: Petrol and parking fees
Maximum: 4 people

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