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Ask Oka about his Uluwatu Tour. Starting your tour from Ubud, you’ll leave early at 9am to visit your first stop at Peliatan’s painting exhibition of traditional Balinese style. If something catches your eye here and you wish to make a purchase ask Oka for assistance with shipping your new art home safely. Nearby, and your second stop is the renowned Wood-Carving Center in Mas village. Many of Bali’s villages are well known for excelling at different art mediums; Mas just happens to be home to some of the best mask-makers, sculptors and wood carvers on the island. There are many artistic treasures to be found there.

As the tour progresses south toward the east coast you’ll visit Celuk, which is Bali’s center of creativity for master silversmiths and goldsmiths. Watch the masters at work and see how their intricate designs come to life out of blank lumps of metal. Ask Oka about tips to choose quality jewellery during your stay in Bali; not all jewellery is created equal so it helps to know what to look for when considering purchases.

After your journey into Balinese arts it’s time to drive west to the white sand beach of Kuta, Bali’s notorious party scene. At night this area is a special type of tourist chaos, but during the day it’s nice for a short visit to see the beaches and get a feel for Bali’s resort culture. Everything in Kuta is over-priced so try to avoid the many temptations seen here. Ask Oka about good places to eat with reasonable prices rather than the flashy venues along the main road.

The star of the tour is also the last stop. The iconic Uluwatu Temple is often one of the first images visitors see on any travel promotions. The Pura Luhur Uluwatu is perched high on the cliffs above the roaring Indian Ocean below. Here you’ll meet the locals, sacred Long-tailed Macaque monkeys, the children of the Hindu god Hanuman. Be extra cautious around these little people though; they’re very smart and often steal belongings from unsuspecting visitors hoping to be bribed with bananas. During your Uluwatu tour, ask Oka about staying for the famous and mesmerizing Kecak Dance; there’s no better place to see this cultural spectacle than the clifftop temple during sunset.

Uluwatu Tour Details

Departure: 9:00am from Ubud
Length: 8 Hours
Price: 600,000 IDR per car
Includes: Petrol and parking fees
Maximum: 4 People

2 Responses

  1. ruth

    It has been a pleasure having Oka as a driver. He is a friendly and reliable guy.

    He knows very well the area and gave us some recommendations about where to go: best beaches in Bali, great temple and amazing sunset´s spot.

    He is a experienced driver, the car is new and comfortable and without any doubt we will call him back for any other road trip in this island.

    5 stars experience, thanks Oka đŸ™‚


  2. Jean-Marc

    We asked Oka as a private driver for a custom beaches discovery day in Uluwatu. It was a perfect day! Oka knows the perfect places. He is so kind and patient while waiting for us discovering the beauties of Bali. He always tries to arrange the best option. You can really ask him anything you need. Thank you Oka for this day!